Wednesday, 28 November 2007

White and Cookie chocolate: fast and cheap

Japan is full of very strange, very small, VERY cheap sweets, my dessert for today is one of the lees strange, but tastier, ones. White and Cookie chocolate, by Chiroru-choco, is a one bite chocolate full of crunchy goodness at low range price (buy now!).

- Name: White and Cookie chocolate.
- How much of it? One small piece of unknown weight. About 2 normal bites.
- How much in moneys: Y21, fuck yeah, in Family Mart.
- Reason to buy: Cheapy cheapy fast fix for choco addiction.
- Reason not to buy: Too much cookie, not enough choco.
- How does it taste? Not like white chocolate at all, kind of creamy with lots of oreo-style crunched cookie bits for added crunchiness.
- How did it feel? Good, the sweetness levels of this chocolate are high, but the small size makes it not satisfying for the real nibbler. Multiple purchase is recommended.
- Show it to me! You can't see it very well, but it has a space ship on top (another reason to buy, swooooosh!).

This is the only Chiroru I've tried so far, but I have no doubt I'll be testing the rest of the gamma soon :)

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Mr. Vermut said...

Toda la magia que necesitas reunida en una chocolatina. Te voy a agregar a los links de mi blog, si no te importa, guapo.