Thursday, 20 December 2007

Moroccan elephant – Instant Ice cream

I went to a all-sweets-you-can-eat bar the other day, and, oh boy, I enjoyed myself. The theme was “back to your childhood”, and it was like Nibbler's Paradise or something: lots of different sweets ranging from the delicious, to the bizarre, to the simply disgusting. They had some plum jam sachets that tasted like rotten salt (if salt could rot); we saw this two Japanese girls eating it in some kind of communion wafer sandwich and say: “yeah, this is quite horrible”; why did they eat that on their childhood? Because Japanese kids are just greedy.

However, my favourite thing of all the stash was Morokkoyo-Guru (モロッコヨ-グル). A quick translation of the name reveals it must be related to both Morocco and a guru, but the how is just beyond my grasp. Enter the fact-o-meter.

- Name: Morokkoyo-Guru.

- What is it? Some kind of very thick cream (like glazing, but with with ice-cream texture) that you eat with a small wooden spoon like tool.
- How much of it? Very small container, you'll be wanting more afterwards. I didn't take any size comparison pictures, but you can take my word for it.
- How much in moneys: As I said it was free where I got it, but I reckon between Y10 to Y30.
- Reason to buy: In that particular place, Morokkoyo-Guru was like the Karate Kid: the best around. Otherwise, for simple pleasure indulgence.
- Reason not to buy: It's extreme sweetness and melty feeling may be too much for the not-true nibblers.
- How does it taste? Very sweet with a pinch of some kind of very sour powder.
- How did it feel? It really melts in your mouth in a slow way, making the experience a really full-flavoured sweet-and-sour roller-coast. That good. Also, the spoon thingie was shaped to the body of the container, for maximum intake of Morokkoyo-Guru, and the container itself lacked of sharp edges for a real finger-licking episode.
- Show it to me!

It's a shame I don't have the address of that place, but I'll be sure to post it here if I ever go again. In the meantime I'll cry for the lack of Morokkoyo-Guru, as I haven't been able to find it anywhere else... better look to you in this never ending snack-searching quest that is the live of a Nibbler.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Yakisoba pan, the spaghetti sandwich of Japan

One of the things that really caught my eye the first time I came to Japan were those noodle sandwiches (using hot dog bread!) with red bits on top and mayonnaise to complement... seriously, WTF? Since then I've learned that in Japan, if it's edible, it should be in a sandwich. Thus, the yakisoba pan was born! It's cheap, filling, and delicious! Seriously. Remember that Japanese convini and supas have microwaves you can use; a cold yakisoba pan may be more than even I can handle.

- Name: Yakisoba Pan.
- What is it? A hot dog bun filled with fried noodles Japanese style, some pickles on top and mayonnaise on the side. Yummy.
- How much of it? A hot dog bun filled with maybe a bowl of fried noodles. Plenty of carbohydrates for energy production!
- How much in moneys: At Y135 a piece, go for it.
- Reason to buy: It's cheap, it's good, you can scare girls with it.
- Reason not to buy: It's looks will back you out, but it's a must!
- How does it taste? As advertised, like a fried noodles sandwich.
- How did it feel? This is no nibble we have here, this is full lunch. Prepare to be satisfied.
- Show it to me!

I'm glad that I finally tried this delicatessen, it's given me the strength to try more horrible looking foods.