Friday, 1 February 2008

Candy toys, nibbling for the soul

Long, log time ago, some Japanese genius decided that, given that toys and candy were any child favourite things, why not combine the two of them? That's old news, as any Kinder Surprise fan knows, but this is Japan. While the norm is having the toy as an incentive to buy the candy, or maybe some kind of complement like a Pez Dispenser, Japanese Candy Toys offer a very small and not very delicious candy with a kick ass cool toy. I don't think anybody would buy a Candy Toy for the candy, so why bother? The answer, sadly, is money. Candy toys get sold as food items, which means they are tax free. If it was me, I'd put a candy in every toy box in Japan.

- Name: Candy Toy

- What is it? It's a toy. There is a candy somewhere in the box too.
- How much of it? Not enough candy, more than enough toy.
- How much in moneys: Cheapy cheapy, from Y100. The one pictures was Y150.
- Reason to buy: Eh, the toy, full stop.
- Reason not to buy: This is not a real nibble :(
- How does it taste? Ehks... Sometimes it may be refreshingly sour, but that's about it.
- How did it feel? Cheap toys? They feel good any time of the day! As a nibbler? I feel scammed.
- Show it to me!

The toy:

The candy itsefl:

So, yeah, sorry, while this is not a real snack, I had to put a picture of the toy I bought :). Which, by the way, was unable to find any info of in the Internet, and any tips on where does he come from would be greatly appreciated.