Monday, 10 December 2007

Yakisoba pan, the spaghetti sandwich of Japan

One of the things that really caught my eye the first time I came to Japan were those noodle sandwiches (using hot dog bread!) with red bits on top and mayonnaise to complement... seriously, WTF? Since then I've learned that in Japan, if it's edible, it should be in a sandwich. Thus, the yakisoba pan was born! It's cheap, filling, and delicious! Seriously. Remember that Japanese convini and supas have microwaves you can use; a cold yakisoba pan may be more than even I can handle.

- Name: Yakisoba Pan.
- What is it? A hot dog bun filled with fried noodles Japanese style, some pickles on top and mayonnaise on the side. Yummy.
- How much of it? A hot dog bun filled with maybe a bowl of fried noodles. Plenty of carbohydrates for energy production!
- How much in moneys: At Y135 a piece, go for it.
- Reason to buy: It's cheap, it's good, you can scare girls with it.
- Reason not to buy: It's looks will back you out, but it's a must!
- How does it taste? As advertised, like a fried noodles sandwich.
- How did it feel? This is no nibble we have here, this is full lunch. Prepare to be satisfied.
- Show it to me!

I'm glad that I finally tried this delicatessen, it's given me the strength to try more horrible looking foods.

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