Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Minmin daha, drink of the zombies

Why am I writing this blog now? Well, nice of you to ask; in fact, I wrote it yesterday in my head because of Minmin daha (眠眠打破), the drink that keeps you going. Really, it does. To the fact-o-meter!

- Name: Minmin daha (as I said, I know squat about Japanese, this is what it says next to the kanji in the bottle... I asked in he shop for "Ichiban genki, nemui nai")
- How much of it? 50 ml per bottle.
- How much in moneys:
Y315 (There is another version for Y399, maybe more powerful?) in Family Mart.
- Reason to buy:
You don't sleep. Period.
- Reason not to buy:
You will NOT sleep. Prepare to stay awake the whole night.
- How does it taste?
Slightly cofeey, but not very strong in general.
- How did it feel?

    After the first drink:
Awareness, the brain can't stop thinking, eyes can't stop looking even when shut (I could feel them twitching).
    After the second drink (the following day):
More of the same, not so much awareness, utter sickness.
- Show it to me!

So basically, after a bottle on Minmin daha, you'll find yourself unable to sleep until several hours later. After a second bottle the next day, I also got myself a nice diarrhoea and sickness. Try at your own risk.

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